In Hungary and Romania we have begun two congregations. Our men there are preaching the gospel and laboring for a Spiritual awakening among the people in Hungary and Romania, areas formerly under Communist control. Rev. Douglas Schlegel serves as our Field Chairman.

For decades, since the fall of the iron curtain in Eastern Europe, Westminster Biblical Missions has sought to reach those areas where communist regimes sought to snuff out the light. Today, the main focus of Westminster Biblical Missions in Eastern Europe is among the Hungarian-speaking people of Transylvania (northwest Romania). This is an area filled with churches but very little gospel preaching. Whether it is the effects of communism or the effects of theological compromise, the need is great and the opportunities vast.
In Western Ukraine and in Russia, initial contacts have been made with believers who are laboring under difficult circumstances, but we have not been able to follow-up due to lack of funding. The missionaries on the field confront the self-satisfaction and carelessness that often also afflicts evangelistic labors in North America and Western Europe. Nevertheless, the promise of God remains: "Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved."


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