WBM is assisting in a work with the Tarascan Indians begun by Dr. Max Lathrop. Dr. Bill G. Higgins, Jr. serves as Field Chairman. Our Tarascan brothers have mentioned how helpful it is when they can see that there is a history behind many of the struggles that we face even today. They see the authority of the Scriptures being attacked in the modern church, from many quarters. It is encouraging for them to discover that such developments are not new, but have been played out before in the history of the church. And we can learn from those events of the past, to strengthen our commitment even now to the firm foundation of Sola Scriptura. We covet your continued prayer for the work of Juan Calvino Seminary in Mexico City, for the small, faithful Presbyterian churches in Mexico City, as well as for our pastors and elders and leaders in the tiny towns among the P’urepecha in Michoacán. Oh, how God delights to shape the outworking of His providence around the prayers of His people! Your prayers are more valuable than you may realize! Please continue bear us up before the throne of grace!




Field Chairman to Mexico. Bill Higgins has worked with the native Tarascan peoples of Michoacán, Central Mexico, since 1997. Bill has his B.A. degree from Covenant College. His M.A.T.S., S.T.M., and Th.M. degrees are from Whitefield Theological Seminary, as is his Ph.D. in Christian Thought, emphasis in Puritan Studies. He has also done graduate work in Education with the University of Tennessee. Originally from Doylestown, Ohio, Bill moved to Lookout Mountain in the 1970’s to attend Covenant College, where he was employed for nearly 25 years. There he served as Electrician, taught Bible and Philosophy of Culture in the college’s “Quest” adult education program, as well as teaching the occasional course in Greek and Church History. He was for a time coordinator of Covenant’s “Executive Education Program for Slovak Business Leaders.” He is author of “The Goose Holds the Key,” a book about John Hus, and “God’s Faithful Goose,” a children’s book about Hus. He has also written, produced, and directed several dramas centering around the lives of the Reformers. Bill has also worked in connection with Whitefield Theological Seminary, teaching courses in Historical Theology, Church History, Greek, and Logic, most recently developing their advanced Greek program. Bill’s wife, Tammy, currently home-schools their youngest two kids, Ian (17), and William (7). Their daughter Tabitha (24) graduated from Covenant College and now lives on Lookout Mountain, serving with the West Brow Fire & Rescue. Jared, (22) also lives and works on Lookout Mountain. Having grown up in a military family and lived in many different countries, Tammy is already equipped with a significant cross-cultural awareness. They currently attend Covenant Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, TN. Bill is an ordained Minister in the Westminster Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly (with which Whitefield Theological Seminary is affiliated). At the April 19, 1997 meeting of the board of WBM, Dr. Higgins was examined and approved as a missionary serving Westminster Biblical Missions. At the April 26, 2003 WBM meeting, Dr. Higgins was unanimously approved to serve as Field Chairman for Westminster Biblical Missions to Mexico. For nine years he has been the featured speaker at the annual Reformation Day Conference at the Seminario Teológico Juan Calvino, in Mexico City.