our history

Westminster Biblical Missions (WBM) was born in 1973 in answer to a “Macedonian call” from Reformed believers in Korea and Pakistan. These believers were not asking for more missionaries, but for training for themselves so that they might finish the work of reaching their countrymen for Christ. A small group of men in the United States saw in this a unique opportunity. They felt so much more could be accomplished in this way, with God’s help, than by the conventional method of relying upon American missionaries to do the work of evangelism and church planting in foreign lands.

A constitution was drawn up requiring that all of WBM’s work would be true to the Word of God and the Reformed faith. The goal of WBM, then, became that of glorifying God by obeying the Great Commission to disciple the nations and do it after the pattern of biblical Christianity, Reformed according to the Word of God.

Westminster Biblical Missions, incorporated October 4, 1973, has its roots in historic Presbyterianism. Through its historic connections with the Independent Board For Presbyterian Foreign Missions, the issues that gave it birth in 1933 led to the adoption of “Standing in the Faith, Defending the Faith, Spreading the Faith” for its motto.