Pakistan Lahore


The Pakistan, Lahore ministry first began under the direction of Rev. Sardar Ahmed Din. In his opposition to neo-evangelicalism and liberalism, he founded a Reformed church over forty years ago named the Bible- Believing Lahore Church Council, Lahore. Today the Bible- Believing Lahore Church Council, Lahore (BBLCCL) has grown to nearly fifty congregations in Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad with approximately forty pastors. (Some pastors have charge of two to three congregations.) The pastors receive their training for the ministry at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Lahore. Presently, there are 4-5 students preparing for the ministry. In order to train the many illiterate to read and write there are about 35 literacy centers where pastors teach them to read using the Urdu translation of the Bible. There is great need to help provide a Christian education to the poor children so that they will be taught the Scriptures and to possess their own Bible in the Urdu language. The BBLCCL has five Calvin’s Academies with a total enrollment of nearly 22,600 students in all five academies. Many of the families live in great poverty. The sewing program has made it possible for young girls to learn the skills of a seamstress to assist with the families’ financial needs. The very poor people do not have the money to care for their health needs. The Lord has blessed the BBLCCL with two medical clinics at Asif Town-2 and Meridke. Each clinic has a doctor, nurse and pharmacist to meet medical needs. Rev. Dennis E. Roe serves as Field Chairman. Rev. Sardar Ahmed Din, the Director of Ministries in Pakistan for WBM, is the founding member of the Lahore Council of Bible Believing Church serving as its stated clerk. Rev. Howard Sloan serves as Assistant Field Chairman.




Sardar Ahmed Din, director of the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of Pakistan, became a Christian as a small illiterate village boy through the witness of American Presbyterian missionaries. The missionary program provided his early education and challenged him to dedicate his life for Christian service, which he did. Earning a scholarship, he attended Forman Christian College in Lahore, then India, but now Pakistan. There he won a number of academic and athletic awards. After graduation he worked for the American Embassy in Lahore and the Fullbright Foundation, but resigned to devote full time to Christian work. For many years Mr. Din was an ordained elder in the Bible-believing denomination, the Lahore Church Council, and is now an ordained minister. He has held important administrative positions in the church as well as teaching a number of subjects in the seminary. After college, Mr. Din married Nasim, the daughter of an Anglican pastor who was much loved by his people. They have three children: Philip, John and Farida. Philip is a medical doctor doing research in a St. Louis, Missouri hospital. While in medical school in Pakistan, he carried on an effective witness for Christ among his Muslim colleagues. John, his younger brother, had completed three and a half years of college when fifteen Muslim students brutally beat him for over an hour. When he sought to return to college, these same students threatened to kill him. He was unable to complete his education there and came to the USA where he graduated from college and law school and became a lawyer. Farida, their daughter, spent three years in the USA graduating from Delaware County Christian School. She earned a full scholarship to UCLA where she graduated in June 1991. She is presently married with two children. Rev. Din’s ministry also involves helping local pastors and their congregations. Because 75% of the Pakistani people are illiterate, Rev. Din thought it needful to help the people learn to read using the Bible as their basic text. The local pastor oversees this ministry in his congregation with the help and oversight of Westminster Biblical Mission’s seminary staff. There are over 30 of these “Bible Literacy Centers” now functioning in Pakistan. A medical clinic has been established with a registered nurse and a medical doctor which for six days a week sees forty to fifty patients a day. This serves both Christian and Muslim patients on the same basis. In 1992 Rev. Din, primarily through the encouragement and vision of his wife Nasim, began a Christian day school on property where the seminary is located. The school has grown in ten years from 11 to over 1,650 with three campuses. Mrs. Din, who helps administrate and teach in the day school, has been a school teacher for many years both in Pakistan and the USA. Rev. Din also does translation work. He translated Palmer’s “Five Points of Calvinism” and A.W. Pink’s “The Attributes of God” into Urdu. Mrs. (Nasim) Din suffered a stroke the first week of January, 1997. God in His infinite wisdom called His servant to be with her faithful Savior Jesus Christ at 3:00 A.M. on Friday, March 14, 1997. In God’s providence Sardar married Anila who now serves with him as a teacher, helper in the clinic and overseer of a number of administrative areas. Over the years Rev. Din has made many sacrifices and has even risked his life seeking to help fellow Christians in the land of Pakistan. In addition to administering and teaching in the seminary, he has started a Sunday morning Bible study with as many as 150 people attending. Sardar pastors a group that meets at the seminary and also teaches a Bible class in Lahore. It is the desire of Rev. Din, together with his wife Anila, to spend the remaining years of his life promoting the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in his native land.