Pakistan Village


Dr. Samuel David, directs the Pakistan Village ministry and proclaims God’s Word to village residents. His father, Rev. Alexander David was a church planter and founder of the Pakistan Village Ministry. The Village Ministry offers a variety of ministries to the outlying villages near the city of Sahiwal, Bible literacy centers have been developed to teach villagers how to read. The chief goal of the work is to build up Christians in the faith by teaching God’s Word. The villages in Pakistan are identified by numbers and have a significant Muslim population. Most people in the villages are either illiterate or have very little education as in Villages # 14 and # 39. Pastor Sunil Samuel conducts Bible studies in Village #39, hoping to plant a new congregation. Pastor Samsoon John has been called to the congregation in Village #12. He is very committed and zealous to teach the gospel. In memory of Rev. Alexander David, a Middle School and High School have been built to educate residents of Village #174. The Pakistan Village Ministry has been and continues to be a means of reaching out to many souls with the gospel.



Rev. Samuel David - Assistant, a Pakistani native, the son of Rev. Alexander David, founder of the village ministry in Sahiwal.